Updated Yacht Brings Luxury Lake Living

Summer is the season for boating! Whether at the lake or at sea, this updated yacht travels in style.  DGI owner Dana Goodman, ASID transformed this 1980’s yacht into a welcoming, energizing home-away-from-home.

Light fabrics and pops of nautical blue and yellow accentuate the beautiful classic teak found throughout this water retreat. New flooring throughout gives the rooms of the yacht a clean, modern foundation which compliments the oyster custom seating in a faux emu pattern.

Salon 3

In limited spaces, function is paramount. The salon features two nautical ottomans which allow for storage inside. The tops of the ottomans also double as trays.


Designing for a yacht entails unique challenges and requirements. All items must be weighted and all lamps, accessories, furnishings, etc must be nailed down. Flooring and fabrics must be mildew-proof and waterproof to withstand life on the lake or sea. Installation poses particular problems as every thing must fit through a 24 inch door. Dana uses her creativity and expertise to work around these restraints and deliver lasting, stunning style.


Guest State Room

Master State Room

At Dana Goodman Interiors, we excel at bringing harmony and individual style to every space. Trust your interior design needs to our expertise. Give us a call at 615-373-8765 or use our contact form. Visit our website, www.DanaGoodmanInteriors.com, for information, portfolios, and more.

Until our next post, bon voyage!

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